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Page updated Sat Jan 11 2020 01:35:49 AM -08:00

This section contains information on the custom CMS system I am currently developing for my site. I haven't picked a name for it yet, and still working on documenting it.

Do you want a quick and easy rich web site that can be hosted virtually anywhere without scripts, but without having to do all the HTML work? Sounds like a tall order, this could be a good solution for a small-scale, personal web site.

The way this tool works is you just need to dump your content in a directory structure and this tool will generate a web site for you that is ready to upload to FTP. You can customize many aspects by modifying a template file and setting a few options.

Download: See Files section below.

Usage: WebBuild <path/to/definition.xml>


This is a personal project. I don't make any guarantees as to the suitability of this software nor do I pledge to offer any kind of support.