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Welcome Again

Page updated Tue Dec 31 2019 12:45:36 AM -08:00

Welcome to my blog again!

I decided to scrap everything and start over again.

As stated in the home page, my site got "hacked" and my provider "site5" disabled the account in April of 2018, and I decided to deal with it now.

The issue was some bug in wordpress allowed a user to upload and execute code on the server, so the solution could have been to clean it up and update the wordpress software, but I don't feel like dealing with that each time, and I don't want to work with php anymore. I realized that the main purpose of this site is to display static content that I upload so there's really no need for server-side software, other than to display user-written comments, which I also don't want because I have to constantly go in there and delete the spam. Bots have truly ruined the internet!

So at this point I am writing my own content management system that I can use to generate HTML pages and updating this site as we go. I do plan to do this very incrementally as my time permits, so I'm scoping it down to a basic set of features and prioritizing.