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Page updated Sat Jan 11 2020 01:27:45 AM -08:00

Hello again!

You may have notices, I added a whole slew of features to the CMS and thus this site, and I started documenting the CMS system. Still didn't come up with a good name for it so we'll call it "the CMS" for now.

The most notable features I've added are support for HTML source files and support for .url links. I can now author HTML documents, save them and the CMS will integrate whatever's between the body tags into the template and generate a page. I am using Amaya to write this now. Support for .url files allows me to simply drag and drop the icon next to the address bar of Chrome into a directory, and the CMS picks it up and creates a list of web links. I have an example of that in the 2019 florida trip photo gallery.

I also started documenting the tool, but that's going to be a monumental task, and there's not much motivation for it until someone gets interested in using it, so if you are, give me a holler on social media!

I am quite surprised how quick this development is going. I thought it would end up taking months but after only a couple of weeks I seem to have a pretty nice looking web site! Definitely beats dealing with Wordpress, PHP and MySQL!