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Hello 2020

Page updated Tue Dec 31 2019 02:00:47 AM -08:00

Goodbye 2019!
Goodbye 2010s!
Hello 2020!

It's hard to believe that let alone another year, but another decade has gone by! I know it's just numbers, but we do interpret them as milestones. It's an interesting moment to reflect on how much things have changed during that time, both in the world, in tech, and in my personal life.

On the CMS front I have added a couple more features:

- Added last update time to pages underneath title
- Added handling of spaces in folder and file names (href parameter replaces spaces to %20)
- Removed the code tag for text-based pages
- Added blog features: blog pages sort ascending by created date, and created date appears in page list
- Added ability to publish files
- Interpret links as URLs ( https://www.google.com )

I feel that these feature make it sort of functionally copmplete for the moment. The next big thing I will be focusing on (again, as time permits) will be implementing image gallery functionality. Right now, if I add an image it will show up as a file link.

With all that, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year!